The site you want,
with the time you have.

Artist-Managed, Artwork-Centric

Icompendium gives you fine-grain control over your artwork's presention, so you can create a website with spaces that get behind your work, with designs that get out of the way. It's built to be artist-managed, and artwork-centric -- to work with seriality, scale and detail the same way you do offline. It should feel like an extension of your studio practice, with structures and layouts designed to preserve your work's integrity.

Broad Strokes, Fine Lines

Point and click to re-organize entire sections at once. Then go back in, and refine the details, widths and styles to your preference.

Your site automatically adjusts for screen width, so your art is easily viewable across device types.

Business Features

Activate purchasing through PayPal by simply adding a price.

Audio and Video

Display high-quality video and audio in an our unbranded player, or embed video from popular services like Vimeo and Soundcloud. Videos hosted on icompendium use an HTML5 player that works on iPhones and iPads.


Publish News

Share your events and news in a blog format; offer an RSS feed, and archive events by year.


Visitor Analytics

A built-in stats features allows you to see the most recent visitors, where they are located and how they found your site. Your site also works with Google Analytics and other popular stats programs.

Search Optimized

Your site is built with Google-recommended web standards for the best possible search rank. More...

Social Media

Your site easily integrates with popular social media sharing features. Embed a blog, and popular social media widgets.

Private Sharing

You can easily share private information. Protect galleries, images, and data such as price and availability. You can also make hidden galleries directly accessible with a link you share.

Premium Support

Stuck? We'll help you along over the phone, via desktop screen sharing, and of course through email.
All of your questions and feedback help us refine our product and the way it's built. In many ways, your support session can be as valuable to us as it is to you. More...


Custom email address email address

Your custom email address can be set-up as a forwarder or we can help you set this up as a separate email account.

Precise image size control

Drag and drop to resize. Upload pre-sized, or pre-cropped images. And, display images as large as you want, or set them to auto-fit on the screen.

Share press clippings

A special bibliography section lets you share PDFs, images, text and links for your reviews, catalogs, and online write-ups.

Display image details and zooming

Show additional detail or differing views by adding detail shots. Or, enable the zoom lens feature to see greater detail when mousing over the image.

Build a mailing list

Create a link for visitors to submit their email addresses to your mailing list. Then, use these addresses in your preferred email program to stay in touch.

Google services compatible

Your website can easily be used with Google services such as Google Apps for your Domain, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Maps.

Point more than one domain per website

We'll help you make the same icompendium site live at and