Cookie policy

Effective May 24th, 2018

What are cookies?

A cookie is like a unique identifier (like a serial number) created by a website (like and stored in a visitor's web browser (like FireFox or Google Chrome).  While cookies are invisible to users, they are visible to the websites that create them. For example, once you sign-in to your favorite website, you typically don't have to sign-in every visit because it remembers you with a cookie.

Cookies are powerful. And, they play a large role in the security of the internet.  But, in some cases, they can enable a type of tracking that visitors don't want. For example, many websites contain third-party scripts -- "Like" buttons, share buttons, embedded advertisements, and invisible website statistics programs that are served from a central domain.  Cookies set by a central domain can enable tracking of a visitor's browsing activities across many domains, and possibly create a log of activity and identity and that is not desired. For this reason, Icompendium wants to be clear about its use of cookies and the associated data they provide to Icompendium.

Cookies served by Icompendium

Cookies set by Google Analytics

Icompendium uses cookies set by Google Analytics to keep track of visitor statistics for  These statistics provide fully anonymized data on visitor location, and website browsing activity, such as pages visited, and time spent on each page.  Google Analytics provides Icompendium with no information linked to the visitor's online or offline identity. These traffic statistics are used to help Icompendium understand what pages attract the most interest.  And, this information is used to drive design decisions on the structure of

Cookies set by for non-logged in visitors

Icompendium uses cookies set by for its own website traffic stats analysis program.  This provides Icompendium with various insights into how unique visitors are interacting with the pages at  This cookie contains no information linked to the visitor's online or offline identity. These traffic statistics are used to better understand the click-path of individual visitors through different pages on  This information is used in making design and navigation decisions for the structure of

Cookies set by for logged-in customers

When an a customer logs in at, a cookie is set for the purpose of maintaining their their secure logged-in session for a set period of time.

Cookies set by Icompendium customer sites
  • Icompendium customer websites may set cookies to track unique anonymized visitor activity for the purposes of helping Icompendium customers learn how visitors are interacting with their websites.
  • Customers may also include third-party scripts that serve cookies for multiple reasons.  Because an Icompendium customer has full control over the third party scripts they wish to use, it is the customer's (the site owner's) responsibility to disclose the way the cookies and associated data are used.
  • Icompendium site owners (Icompendium customers) receive a unique cookie when logging into their Icompendium website.  This cookie allows them to remain logged in for a certain period of time. It is the only cookie set by the customer website that is linked to an individual's unique identity.

Sharing of information gathered by cookies

No user activity or information based on cookies set by is ever shared with any third party sources.