The principles
How we think about your site's design
Making your icompendium site should feel like making a list. Lists are easy. They help you think clearly and see the big picture. This is the design philosophy behind icompendium — to provide a focused website solution for artists who want to catalog their work simply and clearly. Display bodies of work, exhibits, personal and contextual information over time — as simple as making a list.
An artist's studio practice is ongoing. You create new work, capture reproductions, write statements, show your work and build a bibliography. Maintaining and sharing this content should feel like a natural process, and reflect how you think about your art in context. New shows, bodies of work and announcements should be easy additions to your site, and reorganizing as easy as dragging and dropping.
Presenting your work digitally and physically can include similar challenges. How much space does your work need? How do the pieces inform each other? Can the viewer experience time, surface, and detail? Icompendium provides gallery options to address your needs. It includes over 20 prebuilt, but refinable, layouts. You can fine tune how images are enlarged, zoomed, or presented in relationship to others. You can also include artwork details, video and sound within the galleries.
Icompendium lets you enter detailed data about your work into artist-specific searchable fields such as title, medium, year, description and more. These fields can be set to appear as you wish, or kept internally searchable. You can even create new searchable fields and tags. Do you want to pull up all the information on that summer group show in 2016? Search by a tag such as "Summer group show 2016" and pull up the associated artwork, notes, blog posts and bibliography entries.
Sum the parts
Visually combine layout elements with just a few clicks. Organize the whole with the parts you want.
Step through the layout builder
Make the reductive unique
Simplicity doesn't require similarity. Fine-tune type styles, weights, spacing and interactive behavior. More...
  • Precise control over font families and weights
  • Edit the mouseover and active states for links
  • Adjust color, size and style of all icons
  • Set per-page background color, text color and font sizes
Dial-in your fonts, colors and sizes
Create context for your work
Effectively present your work's seriality, scale and sense of time. Include image details, image zooming, sound and video. Choose from over 20 preset layouts, and then refine to suit your work. More...
  • Associate detail images
  • Display images and videos together
  • Sell items by adding a price
  • Precise control over sharing data such as price and description
  • Sync gallery layouts across your site
  • Internally-searchable private notes for each artwork
  • Move or copy images between galleries
  • Associate supplemental files (such as PDFs) to any gallery image
Customize your galleries
Embed your media, text and files
A page on your website can hold any kind of content. It could be as simple as a resume or a group of images, or it could combine full screen video, text, an multiple galleries and blog posts -- all on the same page. Want to reorganize all this content? Just drag and drop. More...
  • Embed videos, audio, maps and Instagram posts
  • Website form builder allows you create detailed contact forms
  • Combine multiple image galleries on a single page
Drag and drop to build pages
Categorize and re-organize your work
Move your galleries and images into categories with ease. More...
  • Drag and drop to create categories
  • Unlimited levels of navigational hierarchy
Create navigational hierarchy with ease
Maintain a blog
Blog, announce events, or simply create an ongoing record of your practice. Post articles with any kind of media, and even schedule posts for the future.
Share news and events
  • Evolve your blog layout as your posts grow in number
  • Schedule posts for the future
  • Easily embed video, images, and third-party content
Database your work
Eliminate the need to for additional database management software
Complex searching
For example, you can search for artwork from 2017 that is greater than $10,000 and marked as sold.

Custom fields
For example, create a new field called "Collection name" and search by collection names you enter.

Tag-based searching
For example, if you create a tag called "Summer show 2019 Berlin" you can then search for all art work, blog posts, and bibliography entries with that tag.
Database your bibliography
Organize publicly-visible internally-searchable repository of media created about your work.
Present critical media
  • Organize a publicly-visible internally-searchable repository of media created about your work.
  • Associate article scans, pages of text and images per entry.
  • Tag bibliography entries for internal search.
And more...
  • Upload directly for playback in a non-branded player.
  • Embed videos from and
  • Your site automatically reformats for phones and tablets.
  • Preview the mobile version of your site as you create it.
  • Fine grain controls over the mobile look and feel.
  • Upload images and make edits from your phone.
  • Stay logged-in on your device
Point of contact features
  • Create a mailing list sign-up form, or embed a third-party form.
  • Use the web form builder for elaborate contact forms.
  • Unlimited email forwarders
  • Google G Suite integration
Social media
  • Add badges and share buttons from popular social media sites.
  • Create a custom image and site description used when your site is shared, on Facebook, for example.
Visitor stats
  • See a list of the last 1000 page visits by visitor location, device type, and time stamp, and referral link.
  • Add Google Analytics.
  • Add a price to any gallery item to automatically activate a buy button.
  • Create a drop down menu sell variations of a single item.
  • Add shipping and tax via
Search Engine Optimization
  • Automatically generated search-optimized title, description and image alt tags.
  • Editable title and description tags, site-wide or per page
  • Per page editable URL addresses. For example, you can edit a page address from to
  • Your images retain text from the original filename for improved Google Image search.
  • Redirect pages from your old site to specific new pages
  • Standards compliant server-rendered HTML
  • Create private content, and private users who can login and view it.
  • Create directly accessible pages, hidden from the main navigation.
  • Grant and revoke auto-login on certain devices.
  • See a history of login attempts.
  • Free SSL certificate
Advanced features
  • Add multiple domains to your site
  • Optional preloading of all pages
  • Custom JavaScript embedding for your favorite widgets or traffic stats app
  • Back-up your site design to a file you can share with others
  • Upload a custom browser or app icon
  • Write custom CSS, and import remote style sheets
  • Add script and link tags to include remote third-party files
  • Add custom metatags
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