A short path with clear guideposts

Create a blog
Announce events, or simply keep an ongoing record of your practice. Post articles with any kind of media, and even schedule future posts.
Own your news feed
  • Evolve your blog layout as your posts grow in number.
  • Easily embed video, images, and third-party content.
Track inventory
Replace your inventory management software.
Track collections, create documents
  • Track where art is collected, stored, and who is dealing with it.
  • Generate catalogs, consignment sheets, invoices, inventory lists and wall labels.
Complex internal searching
Search across your artwork by tags (eg: Painting, Drawing), custom fields (eg: Condition, Location), associated contacts and more.
Organize press
Make a publicly-visible internally-searchable repository of supporting media.
Present critical media
  • Associate article scans, pages of text and images per entry.
  • Categorize, sort and query your bibliography.
  • Share searchable tags across your bibliography and artwork.

And more...

  • Upload directly for playback in a non-branded player.
  • Embed videos from vimeo.com and youtube.com.
  • Your site automatically reformats for phones and tablets.
  • Fine grain controls over the mobile look and feel.
  • Upload images and make edits from your phone.
  • Stay logged-in on your device.
Point of contact features
  • Create a mailing list sign-up form, or embed a third-party form.
  • Use the web form builder for elaborate contact forms.
  • Unlimited @yoursite.com email forwarders.
  • Google G Suite integration.
Social media
  • Add badges and share buttons from popular social media sites.
  • Create a custom image and site description used when your site is shared, on Facebook, for example.
Exporting and importing
  • Export your images and associated text to editable (.docx) documents.
  • Export a full list of artwork to a spreadsheet.
  • Import artwork data from a spreadsheet.
Visitor stats
  • See a list of the last 1000 page visits by visitor location, device type, and time stamp, and referral link.
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Checkout via PayPal or credit card (via Square).
  • Make rules for tax and shipping.
  • Sell variations of a single item.
  • Create site-wide or gallery-wide promotions.
  • Collect custom data at checkout.
  • Require terms of service agreement.
Search Engine Optimization
  • Automatically generated search-optimized title, description and image alt tags.
  • Editable title and description tags, site-wide or per page.
  • Per page editable URL addresses. For example, you can edit a page address from yourname.com/art to yourname.com/archive.
  • Your images retain text from the original filename for improved Google Image search.
  • Redirect pages from your old site to specific new pages.
  • Standards compliant server-rendered HTML.
  • Create private content, and private users who can login and view it.
  • Create directly accessible pages, hidden from the main navigation.
  • Grant and revoke auto-login on certain devices.
  • See a history of login attempts.
  • Free SSL certificate.
Advanced features
  • Add multiple domains to your site.
  • Preload site pages to maximize page speed.
  • Custom JavaScript embedding for your favorite widgets or traffic stats app.
  • Back-up your site design to a file you can share with others.
  • Upload a custom browser or app icon.
  • Write custom CSS, and import remote style sheets.
  • Add script and link tags to include remote third-party files.
  • Add custom metatags.