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t. +1.917.472.9997
“It’s our pleasure to help with your site. Because every question and comment helps us better understand how you are interacting with our service, and what you expect. ”

- Van Stokes
Owner, icompendium
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icompendium Version 10
(Help for most sites started after November 2018)

icompendium Version 9.1

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Common questions

  • How do I get started?
    Select a plan, a domain name, and complete the sign-up process. You should find it easy to get started but call +1.917.472.9997 and we'll walk you through the process if you like.
  • How do I set everything up?
    All you need is a web browser and images. And we'll make sure that your domain name ( gets connected to the site.
  • How long does it take?
    You can upload all your images and text in around 30 minutes, though many people spend longer depending on the amount of content they have.
  • What if I already have a website?
    You'll get a temporary web address to build your icompendium site while your current site stays online. Then, when you are ready, we'll help you switch the sites out.
  • How do I upload images to my site?
    Upload images through your browser. Icompendium automatically sizes your images for you.
  • Where can I see the different layout options?
    It's a good idea to look at the different options available here.
  • Do I need PhotoShop or other software?
  • Will my site appear in Google?
    It should. If you have a icompendium site, Googling your name should return your site. Google Susie Reiss, Leo Bersamina, and Amy Albracht to see for yourself.
  • What if I have problem?
    Email or call +1.917.472.9997
  • Can you customize the system for me?
    Possibly. We have set up custom options for many icompendium users, and can quote you a rate for this. In many cases though, we can help users find available features that get close to what they want at no extra cost.
  • Can you host the site with my preferred hosting company?
    It's better that we do the hosting.
  • Can I upload movies or big files for download?
    Yes. Videos and sound can be uploaded directly and played in a non-branded player, or embedded from other sites.
  • Is my site backed up?
    Yes. All sites are backed up to a different data center, and offline storage. You can access your live back-up site on request.
  • If I need more space can I switch plans?
    Yes, you can upgrade anytime for a pro-rated amount.