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Talk to us about the results you want.

Knowing you helps us
Icompendium has grown yearly thanks to the many clients who told us what they needed, what they liked, and what they found confusing. And we've continually changed based on this feedback.
We'll break things down
The prospect of learning new interfaces, procedures and terminology can inspire dread. We'll help you through this by breaking things down into simple parts, and explaining things in simple terms.
We'll dig in with you
If you find yourself getting stuck repeatedly, a screen sharing session may help. If that's not for you, we provide patient phone support, and detailed support emails.



Contact the owner
Van Stokes

More about Van Stokes...

Van builds things with forms and code. Prior to starting icompendium in 2004, he taught Visual Thinking I, II, and Photography at Mercy College in NY. He's also been an invited speaker or critic at Yale, NYU, Maryland Institute of Art, and Montclair State University. Van studied studio art at the University of Tennessee (BFA) and Yale (MFA). He has lived in Brooklyn, Queens, and East Asia.

As a technologist and long-time end user, Van advocates simple economic solutions.
Online help
We keep it up to date and thorough.
Version 10* Guide
Version 9.1 Guide

* If you signed-up after late 2018, you are probably using version 10. What's version 10?

Version 10 is a redesigned version of icompendium, optimized for ease of use and an improved visitor experience. See live examples here.

I have an icompendium site, can I try out version 10 before committing?
Yes! Send an email to and request this.
Will existing customers be forced to upgrade?
Does it cost more?
How is it better?
It is better optimized for different devices, higher image resolution and new design possibilities. You can also update your site faster with less steps.
Common questions
How do I get started?
You can select a plan, a domain name, and complete the sign-up process. You should find it easy to get started but call +1.917.472.9997 and we'll walk you through the process if you like.

Can I buy my domain name when I sign-up?
Yes, this costs an additional $10 at sign-up.

What if I already have a website?
We'll provide a temporary address for you to create your icompendium website, and then help you connect your existing domain to your new icompendium website when you are ready.

How long does it take?
You can upload all your images and text in around 30 minutes, though many people spend longer depending on the amount of content they have.

How many images can I upload?
The lowest plan (Bronze plan - $200/yr) will allow you to upload thousands of images.

Do I need PhotoShop or other software?

Will my site appear in Google?
It should. If you have a icompendium site, Googling your name should return your site. Google Clara Congdon, Spencer Tunick, and Maria Baranova to see for yourself.

Can I upload sound and video?
Yes, you can upload video and audio files (up to 300 - 500 MB in size depending on your plan). You can also embed files from sites like, and

Can you customize the system for me?
Possibly. We have set up custom options for many icompendium users, and can quote you a rate for this. In many cases though, we can help users find available features that get close to what they want at no extra cost.

Is my site backed up?
Yes. All sites are backed up to a different data center, and offline storage. You can access your live back-up site on request.

If I need more space can I switch plans?
Yes, you can upgrade anytime for a pro-rated amount.

TEL: +1.917.472.9997